Leading Company of Financial Leasing
Leading Company of Financial Leasing
  • Equipment Manufacturing

  • Information Technology

  • Public Utilities

  • Consumer Services

  • Green and Low-carbon Development

Equipment Manufacturing

In light of major strategic opportunities such as economic transformation and manufacturing power, the Company leverages its leasing advantages to promote the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry and modernize the industrial and supply chains. Financing support and services are provided to equipment manufacturing enterprises, so as to create strong engines for high-quality economic development.


Information Technology

In active support of the strategy for a powerful nation of science and technology, the Company seizes the opportunities of the global technological revolution and the development of the information technology industry, and focuses on the development of consumer electronics, electronic manufacturing and information services. The Company focuses on industrial core technology breakthroughs, infrastructure construction and upgrading, and contributes to import substitution and R&D breakthroughs of key products and technologies in China’s information technology industry.


Public Utilities

The Company actively promotes coordinated regional development and new-type urbanization, contributes to China’s urban infrastructure construction, focuses on the development of water supplies, power supplies, public services and compound utilities, provides financial support for the upgrading of public utilities, and improves people’s well-being.


Consumer Services

In active response to the national supply-side structural reform, Healthy China, and high-quality education system strategies, JIC Leasing is promoting consumption upgrading in medical services, education, automotive finance and other fields. These efforts are to meet the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life, and to contribute to a new development pattern in which the domestic major circulation plays a main role and the domestic and international double circulation promote each other.


Green and Low-carbon Development

As a pioneer in green leasing, JIC Leasing has always adhered to the concept of green development in its corporate strategy, carried out business operations under the framework of low carbon emission reduction guided by national policies, supported the development of a green economy, and contributed to the early realization of “carbon neutrality” in China.

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